Set a seed value and have a friend enter the same one and select to be the other player. Try to select each image you have in common.


Simple, little programmable cells that make a Garden grow.


If I showed you what could be, would you build the world with me? Get your light blue explorer to the Question! The 4-pointed stars will reverse moving platforms. What is that white rectangle you have? In another time and place it may be a blaster or a portal gun. Work in progress. TODO: A lot of things

Clockwork Consortium

Decking-building game powered by Steam and Gears. (Art credit goes mostly to clipart and the background is from


Focus. You can use Q and E or Right and Left Click.


Collect the pips and color the world, All while bounding around. Click on the sphere.


Dice are scored if they are part of a group as large as the value of that die. Groups are made up of same number die touching one another immediately diagonal or adjacent. For example, 1 will not score unless it touches no other 1’s and is in a group all by itself, 2 will not score unless it touches exactly one other 2 and so on. The buttons at the bottom will toggle the column from randomly rolling.


Catch the spy! Your security forces can only move 1 city at a time and will spend a ticket. You’ll get 1 ticket per round. On the left you can see some info about the spy’s route. In Itinerary mode, the color of the spy’s next move is displayed. In ticket mode, you will see what tickets the spy has and which is spent after he moves. To win, you must have an agent in position to be where the spy will be at the start of the next turn.


Move the star by selecting a card on the right and hitting the move button. The score will be increased by the value of the tile times the number of squares moved. If you move and don’t score, you’ll get a strike.


Win by stopping the heads from spawning. To do this, run all 3 into their respective endpoints simultaneously. Click on the arrows to move.