Capture tiles on the board with your spells. Top left corner of the tile shows which element has the highest chance of success, followed by the top right, bottom left, and bottom right. A successful capture will award you with a new spell.


Slide the tiles to the pegs using the arrow keys.


Puzzle cube with a…twist.

Castle Calc

Send your 100 troops to castles worth 1-10 points. Your rival will do the same.


Procedurally generated nomming game.

Final Frontier

Single button RTS game. Built with mobile in mind but also works with a mouse in HTML5. Infinite Waves of enemies for GGJ17.


Star found a WibWob Machine! Click on a tile in the same row or column to move towards there. Pick up attachments and interact with the blocks. The Vacuum will always pull, the plate pushes, the bolt destroys, the hook will let you jump over. Try to get all the Key blocks to their same color pegs.


Another collect the pips game. Use the arrow keys to try to navigate.


This land is a fertile land where we will thrive…and we will call it ThisLand. “H” build houses for 2g 5w, “F” build a farm for 3s, 6w, “R” build a Barrax for 4g, 4s, 1w, “G” build a grain field for 2g 2w, “M” build a mill for 2s 6w, “C” build a castle for 9g 9s, “B” build a barn for 7g, 7w, “T” build a temple for


Set a seed value and have a friend enter the same one and select to be the other player. Try to select each image you have in common.