Chalkings are fickle. Take care that your own don’t fight each other. You’ll be able to draw 3 more every minute you last. Lines of vigor deal double damage after a reflection so try to bounce them, but take aim! They can hit your units too. Inspired by “The Rithmatist” by Brandon Sanderson.


Pick a card. Not quite any card. Draft,discard, then play each round by selecting your role, announcing, using your ability, accusing, giving a boon and a strike, and seeing the results.


Color all the dots. Try to not step out of bounds until you’re finished.


Rough draft of an action match 4+ puzzler. I, J, and L to shoot, A and D or Arrow Keys to move, Space to jump.

Square Spin

Spin the squares! Touching a gray block will pick it up. Move with WASD or Arrows Keys. Rotate Counterclockwise with Q or Z, or clockwise with E or X. Click on a solid block to change the point of rotation or cycle through them with shift or tab. Restart with R.


It’s all a numbers game.


Capture tiles on the board with your spells. Top left corner of the tile shows which element has the highest chance of success, followed by the top right, bottom left, and bottom right. A successful capture will award you with a new spell.