Try to get your pawns to the back rank!


Drag modules to the grid to build your rig. R or right click with a module selected to rotate it. It is recommended that runners have at least 1 Heart charged and intact at all times. Bolts will charge their module and any immeadiately adjacent. Wrenches will do the same to repair damage. Click a subroutine to target it using Viruses to reduce it’s cost to 1 and the appropriate symbol to break it.


Chalkings are fickle. Take care that your own don’t fight each other. You’ll be able to draw 3 more every minute you last. Lines of vigor deal double damage after a reflection so try to bounce them, but take aim! They can hit your units too. Inspired by “The Rithmatist” by Brandon Sanderson.


Pick a card. Not quite any card. Draft,discard, then play each round by selecting your role, announcing, using your ability, accusing, giving a boon and a strike, and seeing the results.


Color all the dots. Try to not step out of bounds until you’re finished.


Rough draft of an action match 4+ puzzler. I, J, and L to shoot, A and D or Arrow Keys to move, Space to jump.

Square Spin

Spin the squares! Touching a gray block will pick it up. Move with WASD or Arrows Keys. Rotate Counterclockwise with Q or Z, or clockwise with E or X. Click on a solid block to change the point of rotation or cycle through them with shift or tab. Restart with R.