Cure the World

Collect 4 samples to find cures at HQ. Watch out, sample progress will reset if they’re exposed to a different color. Samples can be passed teamates on adjacent tiles that are clear or the same color. ‘R’ to Restart.


Click to connect dots that orbit one another. Space to pause. ‘R’ to restart.


Try to get your pawns to the back rank!


Drag modules to the grid to build your rig. R or right click with a module selected to rotate it. It is recommended that runners have at least 1 Heart charged and intact at all times. Bolts will charge their module and any immeadiately adjacent. Wrenches will do the same to repair damage. Click a subroutine to target it using Viruses to reduce it’s cost to 1 and the appropriate symbol to break it.


Chalkings are fickle. Take care that your own don’t fight each other. You’ll be able to draw 3 more every minute you last. Lines of vigor deal double damage after a reflection so try to bounce them, but take aim! They can hit your units too. Inspired by “The Rithmatist” by Brandon Sanderson.


Pick a card. Not quite any card. Draft,discard, then play each round by selecting your role, announcing, using your ability, accusing, giving a boon and a strike, and seeing the results.


Color all the dots. Try to not step out of bounds until you’re finished.