Match 4 in a Row. ‘A’ and ’D’ or Right and Left Arrows will rotate the board. ‘Space’ to drop blocks in Time Attack Mode. ‘R’ to restart.

Find the Change

Probably a probability game. Left-click a coin to flip or ‘Space’ to flip them all at once. Right-click a coin to guess.


Drop the blocks from the top to bop.


Find and defend the crystals. ‘A’ and ’D’ to move left and right. Fire with Left-click. ‘W’ or ‘Space’ to jump. ‘Shift’ to dash. Hold ’S’ to summon a portal or jump through it. Collect Gems and summon spectral weapons for passive buffs at anvils with ‘Q’. ‘Tab’ or Scroll at an anvil to select a different one. ‘E’ to cycle through and Right-click to engage the enemy or smash spikes with a hammer.

Frame Perfect

Try to input at the right time. ‘R’ to Restart.


Move one with WASD and the other with IJKL. Toggle autofire for both with ‘Space’ or individually with’Q’ and ‘U’. ‘R’ to Restart after a Game Over.

Town of Intrigue

Randomly generated who-done-it. Left click a name to see their statements. Right click to accuse. ‘R’ to Restart.


Try to create the target flowers. Each patch of soil shows where it will be pollinated from. ‘Space’ to advance to the next generation. ‘Tab’ to reset. ‘R’ to Restart.

Resources and Development

Use resources to develop this growing land. Watch out for robbers. Roads and Tracks must match up. Rivers can flow into lake tiles. Right click a tile in hand to rotate. Each village can build a unit for an adjacent tile as long as that tile allows the matching type of transit. Move a die to a piece to give it movement. Match dice to generate resources which units can pick up and stockpile Stockpile each of the 5 on a single tile to build your next village.